Monday, September 23, 2013

Rusty Riley - Halloween 1956

Frank Godwin was one of the all time great illustrators and I love his work on the comic strip Rusty Riley; an adventure strip about a boy and horse racing.  Godwin had a very distinctive style and was a master with the brush. Most collectors desire strips featuring horses and good shots of Rusty. I like those as well but also love Godwin's portraits and the way he renders water - so this strip is right in my sweet spot since it features both. It is also from the castle/raft storyline which collectors prize above all others. It does have some staining, but this 10/31/1956 daily is a great example nonetheless. Pencils and inks by Frank Godwin (click for larger image).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rip Kirby 1949-10-10

Alex Raymond is considered by many to be the greatest strip artist of all time. This is the third Rip Kirby strip I've owned, and none have had Rip himself in them. That doesn't bother me at all because - look at this strip!  So much going on - dramatic lighting with lush inks. I love the inking effect Raymond gives for showing the light outside the car window in panel one. And I love the one simple shadow line on the woman's face in panel three cast by her eyeglass frame. I could go on... Pencils and inks Alex Raymond (click for larger image)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alpha Flight 12, Page 32

I parted with a great three page sequence from this issue a while back, so I am glad to add this page to my collection.  Lots of good action and a great image of Guardian!  (click for larger image)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alpha Flight 6, pages 6 and 7

Earlier this year, I sold a great three page sequence from Alpha Flight 12 (click here to view) that I had for many years.  It was a great sequence leading up to the death of Guardian (or Vindicator as he is sometimes called), but didn't actually have Guardian on any of the pages.  So I was thrilled to find these pages which do feature him.  Page six with him in flight is my favorite, but it's always fun to have sequential pages.  (click for larger image)