Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Public School 49, Queens NY

This is where I went to school from kindergarten through the sixth grade. My mother also attended the school when she was a young girl. Our house was half a mile from the school and I walked it everyday right through Juniper Vally park. Many years after I attended, the school was renamed Dorothy K. Bonawit Kole school. I searched the web but all I could find out was that she was a teacher and principal in the New York area sometime around the 1940's - 1960's (I think). The photo above was probably taken just after the completion of construction in 1932. You can see the old Elmhurst gas tanks (constructed in 1910) in the background. The empty lot in the foreground was completely covered in housing while I attended (as was all of Queens). I took a trip to NY in October of 2006 and took the picture of the school seen below (click for larger images).

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Howard Hiller A.J.H.S. class of 1960 said...

Dorothy Bonawit was the Principal
of Andrew Jackson H.S in the 1950's
& 60's. Andrew Jackson is now a "magnet" school. The building is located in St. Albans, Queens on Linden Blvd.