Thursday, October 25, 2007

Killing Joke Prelim 3


The most recent KJ prelim I picked up featuring a nice shot of the Joker! (Interesting note: the pencil image has a slight red cast to it. That's because I took a picture of it with my digital camera behind my house while the San Diego forestfires of 2007 were raging. Lots of ash in the sky and everything tinged in red. Eerie... (Brian Bolland pencils. Click for larger image.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thumbnails - Click for Larger Image

This is a thumbnail gallery of my original comic art collection, organized by artist. Clicking a thumbnail image will take you to the original blog entry for the piece. Once there, you can read my comments about the piece and you can click on the image there for a larger scan. Comments are welcome, so if you see something you like, let me know.

Adams, Arthur

Adams, Neal

Buckler, Rich

Byrne, John (Alpha Flight)

Byrne, John (Fantastic Four)

Gibbons, Dave

Mazzucchelli, David

Miller, Frank

Sienkiewicz, Bill

Comic Strip Art

Godwin, Frank

Murphy, John Cullen

Raymond, Alex

Spranger, Frank

Starr, Leonard

Alpha Flight 28, Page 02

This page features some of the members of Omega Flight; Courtney (disguised as Guardian), Wild Child, Diamond Lil, and Flashback. On their way to cause trouble, no doubt... (Pencils and foreground inks John Byrne, background inks Keith Williams. Click for larger image.)

Killing Joke Prelim 2


I'd heard from a fellow collector that Brian Bolland did multiple prelims per page. I got to ask Bolland directly at San Diego Comicon 2006 about his working process, and he confirmed that he only did one version per page (as shown above), and used a projector to transfer the image to the final art board. (Click for larger image.)

Frazetta - The Trials of Judas Wiley

Frazetta is a God. There, I said it. I'd love to own bunches of Frazetta's, but the stuff isn't cheap. This is a cool pencil prelim for the 1972 painting. (Click for larger image.)

Update 01/17/08: Thought I'd add the picture of the finished painting which is remarkably similar to the prelim:


On Stage 01-28-65

I really like the inks on this beautiful On Stage daily by Leonard Starr. Dollar for dollar, you get the most bang for your buck with strip art. This period of the photo-realistic strips is my favorite, and was loaded with amazingly talented illustrators. To see more of what I'm talking about, and to get a glimpse of my former collection, check out my CFA-APA article from issue 65. (Pencils and inks Leonard Starr. Click for larger image.)

Big Ben Bolt 09-05-61

My already small strip art collection was whittled down to only two pieces in the last year or so. I sold my best pieces, but kept this one and an On Stage daily because they just aren't worth selling, and I enjoy looking at them. This is a nice BBB strip by the great John-Cullen Murphy. When you see strips like this one, you begin to realize where a guy like Neal Adams picked up his tricks. (Pencils and inks John Cullen-Murphy. Click for larger image.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Alpha Flight 07

I wish I had bought all the Alpha Flight covers I was offered! I passed on a few good ones. At least I have the Alpha Flight 15 cover, and this one. I really enjoyed the Aurora character, and always liked this cover. (Pencils and inks John Byrne. Click for larger image.)

Alpha Flight 26 End Splash

The big reveal! You didn't think Byrne was going to fake a death, did you!? (Pencils and inks John Byrne. Click for larger image.)