Sunday, September 30, 2007

Neal Adams Strange Adventures 208, Page 11

This page is one of my favorite pieces in my collection. It's an all out action page done in 4 panels. The inking on this page is as good as you will ever see from Neal Adams. (Pencils and inks Neal Adams. Click for larger image.)

Update 09-18-2011:

I loaned some art to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum at the University of Oregon last year for their Art of the Superhero - Faster Than a Speeding Bullet exhibit. I found this cool video on youtube with curator Ben Saunders discussing the art with the U of O president Richard Lariviere. Note this piece in the background.


Richard said...

I clicked on one piece today -- the Neal Adams Strange Adventures 208 page. You are so on target with this four panel page. Each panel is thrilling. The photo realism of the drawing, the exciting movement of the camera, the directorial choices of capturing the moment, and the detail of the finished inking are all example of top notch Neal. Truly an outstanding example. Thanks for posting the clear scan. I owe you one.

Tony Marine said...

Thanks Richard. That means a lot coming from a guy with an amazing Adams collection of his own!