Friday, September 21, 2007

Art Adams Powergirl

Art Adams has really kicked it up a notch in recent years. This Powergirl piece is what he calls a convention "sketch". They aren't cheap, but I think they're worth every penny. I'm looking for more of these (Art Adams pencils and inks. Click for larger image).


Benno said...

I really like Art Adams for the most part, but lately all the women he draws seem to have balloons attached to their chests rather than breasts. Maybe its just me, but somehow it just looks silly and detracts in my opinion from the overall excellence of his drawing.

Tony Marine said...

Hey Benno!! Powergirl has (for whatever reason) always been known for being busty. So in this case, her size is warranted. Also, while her bosom is quite large in this piece, it still looks proportionately accurate. Matter of fact, another collector who saw this piece commented on how natural they look.

Here's a story you may already know: when Wally Wood was drawing Powergirl, he confided in a friend and said "I'm going to make her breasts larger and larger with each issue until someone complains". I think that's how she ended up with her most famous attribute. And I'm certainly not complaining! :)

dallas holiday said...

I never heard the Wally Wood story before and it makes me wonder how big her chest would have gotten if he was still around to draw it. Wow... the possibilities... Nice art though.