Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Frank Miller's Ronin

Ronin is one of my all-time favorite comic books. It was so original, and so different; it really blew me away the first time I read it. I believe only pages from book one were ever sold, and even those are very scarce, so I consider myself very lucky to have these. They are real treasures in my collection. Miller did the pencils and inks on this series, and I think it's some of the best art he's ever produced. (click for larger image).

The page on the left is a key one in the story - it is where the character actually becomes the Ronin (a masterless samurai) and where he's given his mission of avenging his master's murder.


Carl Wyckaert said...

Can't agree more with you. Ronin was THE comic book which opened my interest into US comics after been brought up by European Comics. Great pages by the way.


Tony Marine said...

Thanks Carl! Ronin is probably the first great thing Miller really did. You can tell he really gave it his all. Some of my favorite art by him.