Thursday, October 4, 2007

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons - Watchmen

This was the first Watchmen page I bought. While it's probably the least expensive of the three I currently own, it is probably the best drawn page. It depicts two scenes at once; Lauri has realized that her relationship with Dr. Manhattan is over and decides to leave. Meanwhile, Janey Slater, Dr. Manhattans aged and former lover, tells a reporter about thier failed relationship and her realization that he's given her cancer. Alan Moore employs a literary trick here (common in his works, and especially Watchmen), by using the same dialoge to tell two different stories. It also features the lesbian cabdriver and Dr. Manhattan's ass. Great page. (Pencils, inks, and lettering by Dave Gibbons. Click for larger image.)

Funny story. I met Dave Gibbons at the San Diego Comicon in 2005 and had him sign this page for me. He turned it sideways and signed in the margin. When he lifted his hand, the second caption in panel two had lifted off the page completely and sat hanging from his wrist. He glanced up at me, caption still hanging, and gave me a worried look. Then we both started laughing. I said, if anyone was going to ruin my page, I hoped it would be him. He also asked me what the current market value of the page was. When I told him he replied "I don't think I got that much for doing the whole book!". Nice guy.

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dallas holiday said...

If it wasn't for having to look at the man booty, this page would be truly awesome as compared to just awesome...