Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tilly Moes - Floral

This is a really fine painting by the artist Tilly Moes (click for larger image). I did some research on the web, and found out this about her:

Sofia Theodora van Driel was born in Dusseldorf (Germany) on September 25th, 1899, the daughter of Johannes Gerardus van Driel and Sophia Adriana van Lammeren. Until her wedding in 1927 she lived with her parents in The Hague, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts from 1913 - 1918. During the period prior to her wedding she painted "antique" still life subjects. These were dark appearing, complicated compositions with various fruit and flowers. For these she used the pseudonym Tilly Moes. In addition to this she had a position in an office in order to be able to pay the bills.

While browsing the website, I found images of her works. A few of them are strikingly similar to this painting and were probably done around the same time. It looks like it might be the same arrangement of flowers in fact. (see images e-m09 and e-m11):

Portrait of the artist circa 1918

The artist and her husband in thier studio circa 1937

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