Friday, March 30, 2012

Karl Steinhauser (1880-1954)

Here's a nice beach scene by the California artist Karl Steinhauser. He was born in Germany on March 29, 1880 (I purchased this painting exactly on what would have been his 132nd Birthday!). By 1915 Steinhauser had moved to Pasadena. He died in San Diego California on March 18, 1954. This painting has a very nice impressionistic style. The sky is delicately painted, and I like how he incorporated tones of pink in the sand. (click for larger image)

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John Deaver said...

I have a land-sea-scape painted by Karl Steinhauser similar in style as the one you posted on the previous page, and signed in identical manner: K STEINHAUSER. Karl Steinhauser lived in Escondido during the 1930's. I helped my dad, a nurseryman, plant his avocado grove. His wife was a good friend of my mother who obtained several of Karl's paintings, one of which I inherited. I'd love to know whether any of his works have reached significant museums and any other information about his life. I have no knowledge of his whereabouts after the beginning WWII, but I feel in my bones he is the same man who died in San Diego in 1954.